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School Lab Technicians Checklist – The Essentials

Preparing to get back to school after the holidays, whether it be the summer holidays or a half term, can seem like a daunting task. It has been weeks since you last used your lab for science activities, and it is essential you get everything in order before students head back through the doors.

As a school lab technician, there is so much to prepare and get in place before the term starts. The last thing you need is to start your science lesson only to find you don’t have enough thermometers for your class or all your test tube racks have seen better days.

We’ve created this handy checklist to help you make sure you have everything you need to hit the ground running in your school lab.

1 – Lab Trolley

When it comes to classroom organisation and transporting lab materials, a lab trolley is an absolute must. You can save plenty of time during your lab activities by easily distributing equipment to the whole class, and most of your lab materials to other locations when required. At Orme, we stock innovative lab trolleys with pneumatic wheels which are perfect for any application. These trolleys can be used outside in all weather and across all terrains, so when you are getting your class out to explore and learn, your lab materials can be transported with ease.

2 – Pipettes

No school lab is complete without pipettes, and they are used for a huge range of experiments and activities. Before your class heads back to the lab, you need to make sure you have plenty of pipettes to help them learn how to measure liquids perfectly.

From high school labs to universities, plenty of pipettes around is crucial. We offer various types of pipettes for all uses. For basic tasks in school labs, our pack of 500 3mL pipettes (Code: 27055) is ideal, for most advanced applications, our high-volume range pipettor does the job.

These small devices often get misplaced in a school lab so make sure you have plenty to spare at the start of the term.

3 – Test Tube Racks

Having enough test tube racks in a school science lab is so important, and without these, your students won’t be able to complete the task at hand. Not only are they a convenient way of holding test tubes during experiments, but they are also a crucial piece of health and safety equipment.

Test tubes can become hot during experiments and having a safe space to hold them without touching them is of paramount importance. Test tube racks need to be regularly cleaned as grime and dust can build up easily.

If your racks are looking dishevelled, invest in some new ones before term starts.

4 – Power Supplies

Most school labs and university labs will use power supplies to drive their equipment. These power supplies can deliver a specific voltage depending on your application and are a must-have for many experiments. Here’s their advice when it comes to choosing the right power for your lab.

Our Science Squad also recommends testing out all your power supplies before September to make sure they are in full working order.

5 – Gloves

Ensuring students' safety in a school lab is so important, and that means ensuring everyone is wearing disposable gloves during experiments and when handling substances. You must make sure your lab has enough disposable gloves for the term ahead, as running out during a lesson could be very problematic.

It is also worth having a few different types of gloves on hand so that you have options for those with latex allergies. Check out our guide on disposable gloves, which will provide some extra assistance before you purchase.

6 – Thermometers

There are various types of thermometers that can be used in a school laboratory. Each work in a slightly different way and are more suited to different applications. You should make sure your lab has enough mercury-in-glass thermometers, Galileo thermometers, infrared thermometers and liquid crystal thermometers as required.

7 – Microscopes

Whatever age you teach in your lab, it is likely that you will need a few microscopes to hand.

Most students can share a microscope in groups, so it isn’t always necessary to have enough for one per student, but it is worth having a few spares just in case.

The type of microscopes you’ll need will depend on the subject. Whether you need a compound or digital microscope, monocular or binocular, Orme will have what you need.

Make sure all your microscopes are cleaned and in full working order before the end of the holidays. Replace any that are faulty and don’t forget your microscope slides!

8 – Balances

Balances are vital for teaching students to accurately measure substances and for completing all kinds of experiments in a school laboratory. There are many different types of balances, and depending on your lab, it is often worthwhile having a few of each type available. Compact balances are very common in education settings because they can be moved around and stored easily. For ultimate precision, you might need an analytical balance. Our science squad boffins have also put together this handy guide to help you choose the right ones for your lab.

For more help and advice on getting your school lab prepared for the new term, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today!
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