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User-friendly PAD (public access defibrillator) fully automatic version
No need to press the shock button to deliver the shock!

User-friendly Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) reliable for any lay rescuer (even without minimal training) ready to save the life of victims stricken with sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Designed to help save lives in any public circumstances and optimized for a rapid delivery of defibrillation therapy, anytime and anywhere and before EMS team arriving.

The Fully-Automatic model is specifically designed to let mostly rescuers focus on the victim because the shock, if instructed, will be delivered automatically.
Practical and very simple to use. Highly intuitive with pictograms and flashing icons and clear voice messages to lead and support ordinary rescuers through each step for an effective lifesaving protocol.


Operation:Fully Automatic Version
Energies:Standard max 200J or Power max 360J
Waveform:Adaptive BTE (biphasic truncated exponential) conforming to patient chest’s impedance
Protocols:Various adult shock protocols available on request
Factory default:Adult Standard escalating 150, 200, 200J
Adult Power escalating 200, 250, 360J
Pediatric (Standard or Power) 50J fixed
Charging time:≤9 seconds with a new and fully charged battery
depleted battery will result in a longer charging time
Analysis time:IEC/EN 60601-2-4 from 4 to 15 seconds
Impedance:20-200 ohms
Sensitivity:IEC/EN 60601-2-4 (AHADB, MITDB source), 97%
Specificity:IEC/EN 60601-2-4 (AHADB, MITDB source), 99%
Controls:2 buttons: ON/OFF, Shock , “i“ info button
Flashing Icons:“connects pads to patient“
“adult/child“ informing on pads type use
“don’t touch patient“ warning to stay clear
“touch patient“ informing it’s safe to touch
Indicators:Status LED indicator informing on device condition
Battery gauge with remaining capacity rate
Audible alerts and text display with service alarms
Upgradeable:through a USB cable or memory card
Type:Li-SOCl2 Disposable, code SAV-C0903
Autonomy:300 complete rescue cycles (shocks at 200J and CPR) or 200 complete rescue cycles (shocks at 360J and CPR) or 35 hours ECG analysis for a new and fully charged battery (*)
Shelf-Life:when stored in original packaging 5 years (*)
Battery-Life:4 years once installed to AED, assuming one battery insertion test and daily self-test but without switching AED on (*)
Type:Li-ion Accumulator, Code SAV-C0011
Recharging time:2,5 hours with the charger station Code SAV-C0014 (*) (recommended to charge every 4 months at least)
Autonomy:250 shocks at 200J or 160 shocks at 360J or 21 hours in ECG analysis for a new fully charged accumulator (*)
Battery-Life:2 years or 300 charging cycles (*)
Type:Disposable, pre-gelled and self-adhesive
Adult:Code SAV-C0846, for patient >8 years or >25 kg
Pediatric:Code SAV-C0016, for patient <8 years or <25 kg
Cable length:120 cm
Shelf-Life:30 months
Internal memory:up to 6 continuous hours of ECG and rescue events
Optional memory:Removable SD card; length of storage depends on card capacity: a 2GB card records up to 100 hours
Data recording:“AED1LOG“ text file with detailed self-test activity
“AEDFILES“ multimedia files with complete recorded information
Event review:“Saver View Express“ data manager software
Size:26,5 x 21,5 x 7,5 cm
Weight:1,95 kg with disposable battery
2,00 kg with rechargeable battery
Operating temperature:0°C to 55°C (32°F TO 131°F)
Storing/Shipping temperature:-40°C to 70°C (-40°F TO 158°F) without battery
Humidity:10% to 95% relative humidity non condensing
Sealing (IP Protection):IEC/EN 60529 class IP54; splash proof, dust protected
Shock/Drop Abuse Endurance:IEC/EN 60601-1 clause 21; 1 meter drop, impact, force, rough handling, mobile tolerance
Electrostatic Discharge:IEC/EN 61000-4-2
Electromagnetic Compatibility:IEC/EN 60601-1-2 Emission, Immunity
Electrical Protection:IEC/EN 60601-1; Internally Powered, Type BF
Directive 93/42/CEE and 2007/47/CE:Class IIb
(*)Temperature at 20°C Humidity 45% non-condensing


SKU: SVO-B0847
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