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A great, investigative way to teach about the properties and changes of materials - ideal for UKS2, but useful throughout the school.

This superb educational resource pack links with QCA Science and can be used to investigate different areas of the curriculum. The pack allows you to broaden your knowledge in:

  • magnetism
  • stretching forces
  • rocks
  • solids and liquids
  • what happens when solids are heated
  • separating mixtures
  • mixing materials
  • changing materials
  • melting

This set can be used to enhance the teaching of the scientific methods, processes and skills which are part of working ideal for non-science specialists.

Supplied with well written, photocopiable teacher's notes and worksheets, in a deep storage tray with lid. The pack is ideal for group or individual work.

Science Investigation Kit

SKU: EQB765212
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