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Features of MVF-3S:

  • It can be widely used in chemistry analysis, pharmaceutical, sanitation test , water quality analysis, science research fields and so on.
  • It is convenient to filtrate several samples at the same time.
  • Each holder has individual control valve, so one vacuum pump can support operations of  single and multi-branch manifold filter.
  • 316L stainless steel holder, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
  • Type: 3-branch
  • Pore Size: 100 μm
  • Connection: Integral, SS316L



Standard Accessory:

  • Glass funnel (300ml) / 316L stainless steel funnel (300ml)
  • Borosilicate glass filter head / 316L stainless steel filter head
  • 316Lstainless steel holder
  • Stainless steel valve 
  • Clamp of aluminum alloy
  • Lid



Widely used for chemistry analyze, biochemical, pharmaceutical , sanitation test , environment test , water quality analyze , food , beverage and science research and so on . The product conforms to the United States pharmacopoeia standards , can test three or six samples at the same time , high sensitivity , and simple operation, according to the needs of the operator , choose different material of membrane filter , filtering of different samples , such as suspended solids , bacteria , chlorophyll etc, suitable for solids filtration of laboratory.

Stainless Steel Manifolds Vacuum Filtration Set

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